Commissions for Conservation work:

Proposed conservation treatments will be fully discussed and quotes and completion dates agreed  prior to the commencement of work.

Museum level conservation would always be ideal but we appreciate that in the real world it is sometimes necessary to tailor the conservation to a level which is appropriate to the  value of the object and within the confines of available budget.

Services include:

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  • treatment of discolouration and surface dirt including stains and foxing (orange spots)
  • removal of ‘Selotape’
    • removal of poor quality acidic board, harmful adhesives and associated stains
  • retouching to minimise the visual impact of damage
  • mount using high quality, acid-free board
  • storage materials: advice and supply of suitable storage  materials from album    through to archival storage

We also offer full compilation of archives including repairs to works of art on paper and can advise and supply relevant archival quality storage.  Please call or email to discuss your requirements.